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The processed products include various types of high-grade fabrics with complete specifications such as warp-knit fabric, weft-knit fabric, casement fabric, industrial fabric, spandex lace, apparel fabric, car fabric, PVC mesh fabric, and foam mesh fabric. Used for many purposes, the products are sold to domestic and foreign markets.
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Dyeing and Finishing

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Chemical Fiber

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Range of Production

HSCC specializes in the dyeing and finishing of various high-grade fabrics such as high-elastic spandex, fine denier nylon, polyester, pure cotton fabrics, terylene, blended fabrics, superfine fiber (sea-island filament) and other new-type fiber fabrics according to the general international standards; and in the functional finishing (easy-care finishing, sanding, pre-shrinking, UV protection, water- and oil-proofing, antistatic treatment, stiffening and antibiotic finishing) of different products to a certain extent and within a certain scope. The production technology, which boasts certain flexibility and adaptability, is advanced, mature and reliable.


Main Production Process

Gray cloth enters the warehouse → sample making in the sample room → dyeing in the dyeing workshop → stabilized finishing in the shaping workshop → quality testing in the Quality Control Department → packaging and delivery.


Hengshen Polyamide Dyeing and Finishing

High-Cooltex, High-Hotex, High-Sportex, Anti-mosquito Yarn and Anti-bacteria Yarn are born with microfiber structures or special cross-sections.It must be noted during dyeing & finishing process:

    Scouring process can improve the capillary effect and release the tension of the fabrics by removing the surface oil added in spinning and weaving.The condition here is suggested to be acidic(pH value around 4.5- 6) and below 80℃. High temperature and alkali treatment for long time, which may damage the fiber surface, cause fabric ash injuries and decrease moisture absorption effect.
    Generally, low foaming, high permeability reefing agent and ionic cleaning agent is recommended.
    Using acid dyestuff or metal complex dyestuff as normal polyamide. It may need to adjust the initial pH value, select right type of leveling agent and heating speed to control the dyeing progress, particularly when dyeing vivid colors.
    Notes: (1) Use leveling agent instead of Caustic soda and sodium hydrosulfite when stripping colors. (2) As the surface area of these yarns is large, capillary effect is strong, dyeing exhaustible ability is strong (fast to absorb dye), so when dyeing, temperature cannot be heated fast to avoid uneven dyeing.
    Presetting can make the width of the fabric fixed, lower the shrinkage of the fabric,be easy for dyeing.The fabric cannot be over-setting, Over-setting will reduce the function of the fiber. Recommendation: presetting at 175℃ (8 chambers) for 100% nylon, presetting at 185℃(8 chambers) and 50 seconds for fabric with spandex.
    Finishing hydrophilic softener is preferred during finishing process.
    Soft water is preferred in dyeing and finishing process.


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