Fujian Highsun Charity Foundation

Fujian Highsun Charity Foundation

  • Highsun firmly believes the concept of "win-win" and“Industry makes the country prosperous and serves the country”, and regards social charity as a cause. Highsun successively established Changle charity Federation Liheng Branch, Highsun Charity Foundation. Highsun has carried out charity and public welfare activities in education, disaster relief, education, medical assistance, poverty assistance, assistance to the disabled and construction assistance, and has donated more than RMB 300 million to the society.

Fujian Highsun Foundation is a non-public foundation established by Highsun Holding Group Co., Ltd. in 2013. It‘s a Class 5A social organization in Fujian Province. The Foundation is tied for the first place in the country in the FTI Transparency Index. It has been awarded the honor of "Advanced Party Branch", "Women's Civilized Post" and "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization". The foundation focuses on three areas: women's groups, rural school education, and public welfare industry support in Fujian Province.

Vision: To help rural women and children lead a good life full of equality and freedom
Mission: To help rural women and children achieve growth and development
Values: Respect, equality, professionalism, co-creation

As its philanthropic influence improved in 2018, the Highsun Foundation was elected Rotating Chairperson of the China Foundation Forum in 2019; in the same year, the Foundation was considered eligible for tax exemption; Highsun was named “Chief Responsibility Officer of Manufacturing” at the 2020 CRO Global Summit and Chief Responsibility Officer Award Ceremony.



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