Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

In the face of any sudden major natural disaster or public health incident, the Highsun Foundation will fight side by side with the victims to go through hard times by actively assuming social responsibilities and paying constant attention to disaster reconstruction.

After an extraordinarily serious flood disaster occurred in Minqing County on July 9th, 2016, the Foundation donated 500,000 yuan to the worst-hit area Qianfeng Village, Shenghuang Town for rehabilitation of the damaged country roads, flood banks and public infrastructures; at the same time, the Foundation provided 50,000 yuan to two Hope Primary Schools for renovation of the damaged school facilities; it also donated 60,000 yuan to 10 fresh high school graduates whose families were seriously affected by the disaster and had financial difficulties.

When COVID-19 swept across the country in the Spring Festival of 2020, the Foundation established an antiepidemic team and an epidemic response mechanism and donated medical supplies to hospitals located in Fuzhou City, Changle District, Lianjiang County and Yichang City to support the frontline antiepidemic work. By April 27th, 2020, the Foundation had donated 6.0513 million yuan worth of medical supplies and funds for COVID-19 control.

On July 20, 2021, Henan Province was hit by extreme heavy rainfall and flooding occurred in many cities. Due to the wide area affected, deep water and many debris, in the rescue process of front-line rescuers, assault boats and kayaks are often scratched by some upstream washed down wood debris and sharp objects underwater, and the motor is also easily damaged. This endangered the lives of the rescuers and also caused great difficulties to the rescue work. After understanding the situation, the Foundation quickly contacted the relevant manufacturers to purchase rescue boats and outboard motors with a combined value of 274,500 yuan, and expedited the shipment to Xinxiang City, Henan Province. This batch of materials will be received by the Luoyuan Blue Leopard Rescue Team and Sichuan Youth Volunteers Association respectively and deployed to various private rescue teams.

In September 2021, the outbreak in Fujian plunged Xiamen into an epidemic panic on a hot summer day, and full-scale nucleic acid testing was conducted. The high temperatures made nucleic acid testing difficult and many staff suffered from heat stroke as a result. Knowing the immediate need, Heng Shen Foundation urgently purchased nearly 18,000 RMB of cooling ice to support the nucleic acid testing in Xiamen. After that, we learned that people in the infected area of Xiamen Tong'an lacked masks and disinfectant solution, and with the help of Hengxing Volunteer Association of Xiamen Tong'an District, HSE Foundation purchased 30,000 Yuan of masks and disinfectant solution to donate to the grassroots communities for people to apply for.

In early October 2021, Shanxi sustained heavy precipitation for four days, and 1,757,100 people were affected. There were 120,100 people were urgently relocated, 2,849,600 mu of crops were affected, and more than 17,000 houses collapsed. In order to enhance the efficiency of disaster relief and strengthen the cooperation of internal and external resources, the Shanxi Social Forces Support Shanxi Flood Relief Coordination Platform was temporarily established as a social force to coordinate local flood relief efforts. Highsun Foundation donated 50,000 RMB for the team to help the people in Shanxi to get through the difficulties and carry out post-disaster reconstruction work.



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