Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Targeted Poverty Alleviation

To win the fight against poverty to help finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the Highsun Foundation gives full play to its superiority and takes an active part in the targeted poverty alleviation work by making donations for shaking off poverty steadily, developing the village collective economy and providing assistance for those in need.

In 2017, the Foundation donated 10 million yuan to the Fuzhou Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to assist Dingxi City, Gansu Province and develop its science, education, culture and health industries, build “five-communication” infrastructures and lift poor households out of poverty accurately.

In 2018, the Foundation donated 1 million yuan to the Fujian Provincial Charity Federation, with 900 thousand yuan appropriated to the Zhenghe County Charity Federation for the establishment of the “Zhenghe County Fund for Poverty Alleviation” and used as a discretionary government fund. The remaining 100 thousand yuan was distributed to the children with congenital heart disease after surgery; in 2019, the Foundation donated 5 million yuan to the Fujian Provincial Society for Promotion of Guangcai Program, founding the “Guangcai Society Highsun Foundation”, used to support the Guangcai Program, charity, disaster relief and education, etc.

In addition to cooperation with the relevant government departments, the Foundation provides financial aid for the non-governmental charity organizations which work on targeted poverty alleviation. The Foundation offers them funds to implement projects and organize training so as to improve their professional ability, and has built a platform where they can exchange ideas with one another on poverty alleviation. By 2019, the Foundation had invested a total of 24.8692 million yuan in poverty alleviation.

Having insisted on aiding impoverished towns for many years, the Foundation won the title of “advanced private enterprise” in the “Enterprise-to-Village” Targeted Poverty Alleviation Action in 2019.



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