Support for Public Good Development

Support for Public Good Development

The Foundation started fulfilling more industry responsibilities in 2016 and formally joined China Foundation Forum in 2017. In the manner of joint funding, the Foundation supports many provincial and national public-spirited projects in terms of social workers training, organizational capacity building, etc. to promote the development of public good and carry forward the positivity of social good.
Project Output

Summary of Key Projects




1 China Foundation Forum In 2018, the Highsun Foundation joined the China Foundation Forum Organizing Committee, starting to positively support and promote the construction and development of the industry under the leadership of the Organizing Committee, and was elected Rotating Chairperson of the Forum in 2019.
2 Fujian Public Good Salon The project focuses on the public good culture and deeply promotes the spirit of Fujian. Training activities or workshops are regularly held in the form of salon under different themes each month to promote the exchange of ideas in the public good industry of Fujian so as to improve the social workers’ professional skills.
3 Fujian Public Good Communication Class The project is aimed at cultivating social workers and supporting public good development. The courses are taught offline in a centralized manner, supplemented by many types of activities such as practice, study tours, and visits, to help the social workers of Fujian improve their communication skills.
4 Program for Helping the Disabled The project is designed to train a professional medical social work team to continuously provide patients and their families with “non-medical diagnosis and non-clinical treatment” services so that medical services will be warmer; at the same time, it provides Fujian Province with systematic and replicable medical social work service experience and cultivate medical social workers.
5 Top Runner Program-Fujian Foundation Development Support Project The project aims to help the enterprise foundations of Fujian that have certain financial advantages and have not offered any financing aid yet or just offered financing in the past to enhance their wish, awareness and ability to offer financing aid to have their funds fully utilized so as to promote the positive interaction and development of Fujian’s public good ecology.
6 Bellwether Program-Fujian Adolescent Social Work Ability Improvement Practice Project Guided by the Guidebook for Children’s Ability Development, by means of “centralized training+ online supervision throughout activities+ offline supervision”, the project aims to improve adolescent social workers’ practical ability so that they can help left-behind, migrant and impoverished children group up more effectively.
7 Further Education Program-Social workers Learning Support Project The project aims to provide financial support for the social workers of Fujian Province when they go out for training activities, conferences, study tours and visits, etc. It also serves to build a shared learning platform to help social workers group up, drive the development of the industry, and promote social harmony.
8 Cedar Program-Community Governance Innovation Research Platform As a platform for cooperation and communication among Chinese community foundations, it is designed to improve the professional ability of the professional managers of community foundations.
9 Cedar Program-Basic Ability Training Camp for Full-time Social workers of Fujian Designed to provide comprehensive and systematic basic fundraising ability training for the full-time social workers as the leaders and core backbones of the public good organizations which have certain basic ability and need to achieve further development to promote the growth of local social workers.

By 2019, the Foundation had invested a total of 1.6972 million yuan.



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