Support for Rural Education

Support for Rural Education

Adolescent education is essential for national rejuvenation and development. With the mission of “supporting the growth and development of women and children in rural Fujian”, the Foundation never stops paying attention to adolescent education. In order that rural children and adolescents could receive better education, the Foundation has offered financial assistance in building 10 Liheng Hope Primary Schools in Fujian Province and provided support for many public projects the field of education.
“Liheng” Model Primary School
Project Introduction

For rural children and adolescents to achieve better growth and development, the Foundation shows continuous concern for the Changle Liheng Hope Primary School built with financial support from HSCC, and has founded “Liheng” Model Primary School, which is equipped with basic facilities including the teaching building, handwriting room and basketball court; excellent educational and cultural resources, such as “disaster prevention and relief propaganda on campus”, “anti-sexual assault education for children”, and “campus tennis”, have been brought in to develop the students’ key competencies and help them achieve development in an all-around way.

Project Output

Since its establishment, the Foundation has offered financial assistance in building 10 Changle Liheng Hope Primary Schools in Fujian Province, donated 93 teaching computers to the Hope Primary Schools, built 1 handwriting room, undertaken 1 playground renovation project, offered financial assistance in building 23 book corners, and donated 990 happiness & health packs to students; carried out 418 cultural and educational activities in the schools, attended by 15,400 students. A total of 5.0334 million yuan has been invested in the project.

Summary of Primary Schools built with Financial Aid from the Foundation



Time of Completion


Xixi Town Central Primary School, Shouning County

January 2012

Zhangwan Central School, Jiaocheng District

April 2012

Chiyuan Town Central Primary School, Minqing County

August 2012

Changxiao Town Central Primary School, Qingliu County

February 2013

Fangdao Town Youdun Primary School, Jian’ou City

May 2013

Tazhuang Town Central Primary School, Minqing County

September 2013

Xinqiao Central School, Changting County

June 2017

Gaoyang Primary School, Dehua County

December 2017

Juxi Town Central Primary School, Liancheng County

Under inspection


Xiping Town Zhuyang Primary School, Anxi County

Under construction

((Data deadline: December 31st, 2019)

Hengai Sports—Healthy Physical and Mental Growth Plan for Rural Children
Project Overview

In 2020, the Highsun Foundation intended to implement the “Hengai Sports—Healthy Physical and Mental Growth Plan for Rural Children”. As an upgraded project of rural school education undertaken by the Foundation, the plan aims to help rural primary schools improve their P.E. teaching quality by developing P.E. curricula and supporting sports equipment, organizing sports activities, training P.E. teachers and fostering on-site project teams so that rural children can take high-quality physical exercises to have their athletic ability enhanced, physical and emotional development strengthened, and social competence improved while growing up healthy in happy sports.

Project Content

1. Sports equipment donation and improvement: According to the actual needs of the project, we donate suitable sports equipment to rural schools.

2. Teacher empowerment training: Teachers will be trained to improve their professional skills in physical education and large classroom. Promote the development of physical education classes and large class periods in schools. Develop part-time and volunteer physical education teachers and fill the shortage of rural physical education teachers through focused professional training that allows them to quickly master their teaching skills.

3. Organize sports events: hold county, city and provincial fun sports meetings, study tours, summer camps, and link event platforms.

As of December 2022, the project has carried out project partnerships with 70 rural primary schools, carried out 41 teacher empowerment trainings, donated 3,500 sports and health kits, 60 small basketball hoops, donated 3 basketball courts, held 97 youth basketball competitions, and benefited 54,040 students.



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