Care for Women

Care for Women

In its early period after establishment, the Foundation chose the women who lived in Fujian Province as its service objects and organized some events such as Hengai Mothers—Support for Mothers, the Backbones” and “Local Sister Companion—Rural Women Self-Organization Support Program” in the hope of helping them lead a good life full of equality and freedom in multiple manners including financial support, resource linkage and follow-up companionship.
Hengai Mothers—Support for Mothers, the Backbones
Project Introduction

This project supports mothers who are supporting their families independently in Fujian Province. The project works with grassroots public welfare social organizations developed by volunteer teams, starting with the distribution of inspirational living grants. In understanding the mothers' living conditions and needs, it focuses on tapping into their strengths, mobilizing internal and external resources, and helping them to improve themselves through direct services, referrals or integration of resources. Through their own efforts and external support, mothers can improve their ability to cope with life problems and alleviate and then solve the problems they face.

Project Output

As of December 2022, the project has covered 16 municipalities, 34 districts and counties, and 240 townships and streets in the province. The project has supported 1,110 mothers, 189 children of mothers and 78 mothers in the province for employment skills training, and the project has invested a total of 11,663,600 RMB.

Local Sister Companion—Rural Women Self-Organization
Project Introduction

Initiated in 2018 by the Fujian Highsun Foundation, the “Local Sister Companion—Rural Women Self-Organization Support Program” aims to find out and develop rural women’s self-organizations so that they can achieve growth and development on their own, thus being able to solve all problems faced by them.

This program is aimed at looking for the women’s self-organizations rooted in rural Fujian and committed to solving rural problems so as to provide them with diversified supporting services, such as capacity building, follow-up companionship, social network communication platform and small funds, to help rural women achieve continuous growth and development while they change themselves and serve the countryside.

Project Output

As of December 2022, the project has covered 52 women's teams in 47 townships and 50 villages in 30 districts and counties in 8 cities, with more than 550 women directly participating. The Foundation has conducted 80 training, study tours and sharing sessions in various aspects such as team development, activity design and village development, with more than 5,435 participants. The women's teams organized more than 2,790 activities in the villages from services for the elderly, youth services, cultural preservation, and environmental beautification. These activities have benefited more than 65,480 villagers.



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