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High Safety and Efficiency


With safety standardization at the core, HSCC conscientiously implements the work safety idea of “safety first, prevention foremost and comprehensive treatment” in a strict way to ensure safe and efficient production.

  • Process Safety

  • Behavior Safety

  • Product Safety
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    The chemical segment has established a perfect SHE management system and a PSM (process safety) process safety management system, and Shenyuan has passed the national safety standardization (Level 2) certification.


    Shenyuan Phase I, II and III projects achieve 7470264h (as of October 2022) safe and lossless man-hours.


    Shenma new materials phase I and phase II construction to achieve 1901709h (as of October 2022) safe and non-destructive man-hours.

  • Site management:

    Engineering safeguards, including dust-proof, gas-defense, heat-resistant and noise-proof devices, have been set up, the frontline workers are provided with sufficient protective equipment, and eye-catching warning signs are set up on the site.

    Personnel management:

    The employees undergo pre-job, in-job and off-duty occupational health examinations in strict accordance with laws and regulations. For new recruits, they are informed of occupational hazards and receive health training.

    Emergency management:

    The Company has comprehensive Special Emergency Plan for Occupational Hazard Accidents, and an emergency department, which is equipped with emergency materials and an emergency team, and receives training on emergency rescue.

  • The FDY full dull nylon 6 yarn, FDY semi-dull nylon 6 yarn of Fujian Highsun Synthetic Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., and nylon FDY produced by Fujian Liheng Polyamide Industry Co., Ltd,FDY semi-dull nylon 6 yarn, nylon 6 high orientation yarn of Fuzhou Liyuan Polyamide Industry Co., Ltd. a total of five products were assessed as quality products.
    Quality management:
    Before a product is delivered, we conduct a technical and safety inspection on it to ensure that it meets our standard and that our customers can receive, store and use it safely; we provide our customers with detailed Product Manual and help them use the product more effectively; we have a professional technical and after-sale team, which provides the customers with advice, support and assistance.
    Logistics management:
    To ensure safe transportation of products, we have established long-term and stable cooperation with the professional logistics companies recognized by our customers. We have our own warehouse system and shipping jetty, and conduct a strict safety inspection on all major transportation junctions through which every product passes.


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