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“Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. HSCC is always committed to developing as an eco-friendly enterprise and making way for green.

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  • Regenerated Nylon

    Highsun Nylon 6 recycled yarn is prepared by processing polyamide waste through recycling, screening and unique conversion process. It has passed the GRS global recycling standard certification. Cooperating with SGS to carry out carbon footprint accounting, the production of one ton of recycled yarn has a carbon emission of 5.22 tCO2e/t, compared with 10.08 tCO2e/t of conventional yarn of the same specification, achieving 48.2% emission reduction. In the future, Highsun will continue to practice the concept of green and sustainable development and drive more customers and consumers to use green and low-carbon products. Helping the country to take the lead in achieving the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutral, and adding more green to the environment.

  • CPL HPOplus® technology:
    One of the most mature, stable, safe and eco-friendly CPL production technologies in the world, boasting a lower quantity of by-product ammonium sulfate as well as lower material and energy consumption.

    Shenma cyclohexanone (CYC) and cyclohexanol hydration technology:
    Lower unit consumption and pollution and higher effectiveness and security than the traditional oxidation technology. This technology is one creatively developed by China Pingmei Shenma Group based on the technique of 27,000 tons/year introduced from Asahi Japan in the 1990s.

    EMS-INVENTA VK tubular reaction technology for polyamide (PA):
    Introduced from Uhde-Inventa-Fischer Ag, the technology is one of the world’s high-quality PA production techniques. The application of this technology has effectively improved the scale effect of plant production, greatly reducing the cost of production and the emission of three wastes.

    Single-pass nylon drafting and heat-setting technology:
    The coarse nylon 6 monofilament and split master filament are processed at high speed by the one-step spinning-spinning method with the single-pass drafting and heat-setting technology, with the fiber energy consumption more than 20% lower than the two-step method.

  • Turning wastewater into landscape water

    HSCC has a reclaimed-water recycling system, which helps to recycle 600 tons of water per hour for the Phase-I and Phase-II project, with the recycling rate of wastewater up to 40% or so.

    In the chemical fiber industry, HSCC has invested more than 6.4 million yuan in the construction of an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant, which can treat more than 2,000 tons of wastewater per day as designed, with all wastewater from the factory able to be treated. After staged treatment, most recycled water flows back to the reuse pool and is used to water the green vegetation in the factory, reducing emissions and greatly protecting the surrounding water bodies and soil against pollution.

    Turning waste residues into high-quality fertilizer

    The mother liquid of ammonium sulfate generated during the production of CPL is processed into a high-quality fertilizer and exported to Southeast Asia for the restoration and improvement of alkaline land. All the sludge generated in the wastewater treatment process is recycled and treated by an environmental protection company with a professional qualification. Ammonium sulfate and coal are transported, used and packaged in a fully-enclosed space, ensuring that the surrounding environment is not polluted by dust.

    Turning exhaust gases and waste fluids into thermal energy

    The waste heat generated during CPL production is used in the Europe Fibrant Ammonium Sulfate Plant, with energy consumption reduced by more than 80%.
    The exhaust gases and waste liquids from the HSCC factory are all piped to the incinerator for incineration, converted into heat, with carbon dioxide and water emitted. The remaining particulate matters are filtered in a bag dust collector.
    The chemical fiber plant actively responded to the government on "Fuzhou City coal-fired boiler special rectification work requirements", the company in use less than 10 steam tons of coal-fired boilers for a comprehensive upgrade. Liheng plant was effectively integrated from 5 units to 1 organic heat carrier boiler of 21.6 million calories per hour. Highsun plant is effectively integrated from 12 sets to 2 sets of 21.6 million calories/hour organic heat carrier boilers and 2 sets of 24 million calories/hour organic heat carrier boilers, which will increase the overall thermal efficiency of boilers by more than 12% and reduce the annual coal consumption by more than 8,000 tons. At the same time, the boiler exhaust gas treatment measures are strengthened, and SDS dry desulfurization + ammonia SCR denitrification + cloth bag dust removal is selected, which has good application effect in realizing ultra-low emission and controlling PM2.5, NOx, SOx and other compound pollutants. And it meets the national emission requirements of the special emission limits for air pollutants as stipulated in the "Emission Standards for Boiler Air Pollutants" [GB-T-13271-2014], which contributes Highsun's strength again to fight the battle for blue sky and improve the ambient air quality.

    Green water and green mountains are golden mountains, and Highsun has never stopped on the road of seeking green water and protecting green mountains, as of November 2022. Chemical fiber plate invested more than 9.6 million yuan to Highsun and Liheng branch volatile organic compounds (VOCs) producing workshop and sewage station to implement comprehensive treatment and transformation. By combining the composition and concentration of the tail gas of each workshop, the targeted selection of "water spraying + electrostatic adsorption", "UV photolysis + water spraying" and other treatment programs. Eventually, the removal efficiency of 85% or more is achieved, which greatly removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odor gases, realizes the lower concentration of VOCs exhaust emissions, and plays a great role in protecting the ambient air quality of the plant.
    Comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste

    Considering the hazardous waste generated during production (waste liquids from the testing laboratory, nylon polymer residue, spandex polymer waste liquid, and refined residue), the Group has brought in an assessment mechanism to strengthen production management and increase investment in technological upgrading. For example, more than 400 tons of hazardous waste can be reduced annually by recycling the primary waste liquids generated during spandex polymerization and component production, mounting more corollary equipment and improving the technology. The centralized non-noxious treatment of hazardous waste that cannot be recycled is delegated to an agency certified by the environmental protection department. A hazardous waste management account book has been established for the collection and transportation of hazardous waste in strict accordance with the rules to prevent secondary pollution. General solid wastes are strictly classified and stored for comprehensive recycling, while coal cinders are transported to a downstream enterprise for insulating hollow brick production; domestic refuse is stored by category according to the regulations or standards so that it can be transformed into public resources to improve the resource value and economic value of refuse.

  • We pursue product sustainability, follow the “3R” (Reduction, Recycling and Reuse) principle in product development and production, and assume an environmental responsibility while creating values for our customers and the society.

    Caprolactam (CPL)

    In 2021, the total production of caprolactam of Shenyuan has exceeded the design production (60wt). However, the indicators of various pollutants have decreased year-on-year. It really achieves the increase of production without increasing pollution and realizes environmental protection and green development.



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