Corporate Innovation

Corporate Innovation

Adhering to the brand idea of “improving quality, developing technology, forging ahead and fighting for the future with concerted efforts”, HSCC focuses on industrial development and production technology innovation to keep improving its soft power.
Innovation and R&D Achievements
Up to now, HSCC has obtained 424 national intellectual property patents, including the internationally advanced HPO Plus® CPL production technology, established or revised 3 national standards and 16 chemical fiber industry standards, participated in key science and technology projects initiated during the “12th Five-Year” Plan and “13th Five-Year” Plan, and been named a national high-tech enterprise, a national differentiated nylon 6 product development base, and a provincial enterprise technology center of Fujian.
Adhering to a user demand-oriented high-grade product strategy and following the service idea of innovation, pragmatism and high quality, the Group has creatively developed a series of featured products, including the regenerated nylon yarn, graphene nylon yarn, nylon 6 high-strength yarn, multifunctional compound nylon yarn, hot-molten yarn and easy-to-dye highly settable spandex yarn, which have been widely accepted and recognized by the market.
  • 424

    National intellectual property patents
  • 3

    National standards
  • 16

    Chemical fiber industry standards
  • HPO Plus®

    HPO Plus CPL production technology
  • National differentiated nylon 6

    Product development base
Industry chain-wide integrative R&D system
The Netherlands CPL Technology R&D Center is a leading global CPL technology platform, which is forming a globally collaborative technological innovation highland with the Fuzhou CPL Technology R&D Center and Nanjing CPL Technology R&D Center;
A polymerization R&D center with a daily output of 5 tons, 8 independent spinning R&D centers, 3 Karl Mayer R&D centers, 1 testing center and 1 spandex R&D line with a daily output of 1.2 tons have formed an incubator of high value-added products for the Group.
HSCC has maintained university-industry-research cooperation with a number of well-known domestic universities, including Donghua University and Xiamen University in order to achieve science & technology industrialization and promote the technological progress of the enterprises and industry.


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