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Time of issue:2020-11-18 22:51:15
HSCC wisely combines the Chinese character "person" with HSCC’s "shen" to embody the connection between people. The pliable lines are intertwined with each other, which is reminiscent of HSCC's chemical fiber industry, and represents the company's advantages and original intention. The two blue hues not only highlight the sense of depth and three dimension of the icon, but also emblems the technology and wisdom of HSCC. The overall pattern image is similar to the dandelion flower ball from the perceptual level symbolizing the vital force that is continuously transmitted and derived; it conveys HSCC's brand concept of "Gathering talents and technology, stimulating thinking with customers, and creating a better future" from the rational level and emphasizes the importance of creating a win-win situation for the long-term success of HSCC.
  • H----Heng
    It is our original intention to stick to the industry
  • S----Shen
    It is our ambition to continuously change and seek development
  • C----Cooperation
    Is our promise to our partners to create win-win cooperation
  • C----Changle China
    It’s our confidence to be based in China and move towards the world

Corporate Slogan

Time of issue:2020-11-18 22:39:05

Always echoes HSCC’s "heng"
To represents permanence and sustainability, and sticking to the original intention of the industry;

All ways echoes HSCC's "shen"
To represents continuous change and development.

“Sparing no efforts”
To emphasize the entrepreneurial spirit of HSCC, forging ahead and taking the initiative to meet the challenges to achieve a greater success. It has also inspired generations of HSCC people to do their best and make a determination to move forward.

Together,we make it happen

Time of issue:2020-11-18 22:41:18

We believe that only those who can innovate for mankind is called enterprise.
The emergence of nylon in the 20th century has changed human life.
From chinlon manufacturing to leading the chemical fiber industry, HSCC has kept trying,
The aims to bring real and positive changes to the people, industry and society.
We are good at seeking opportunities and dare to be the first to try new things.
Gathering industry talents, expertise and knowledge, we work with customers to inspire the industry,
Join hands to innovate the future, promote industry progress, and achieve greater possibilities.
HSCC gathers talents and professions to stimulate thinking and create a better future with customers.


Brand concept

Time of issue:2020-11-18 22:18:26
  • 恒申
    Brand concept
    Bring together the capabilities, partnering with our customers to innovate and inspire what's next.
  • 恒申
    We Are Fearless
    We Don't Stop
    We Collaborate
  • 恒申
    Brand essence
    Firm and Brave
    Open and Sharing
  • 恒申
    Brand promise
    SyncQuality (Think Quality)
    SyncSolution(Think Solution)
    SyncForward(Think Forward)
    SyncFuture(Think Future)


Time of issue:2020-12-20 22:27:06

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