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Gao Shuangcheng visited Shenyuan New material integration Industrial Zone for investigation
Gao Shuangcheng visited Shenyuan New material integration Industrial Zone for investigation
Recently, Lianjiang county acting county magistrate Gao Shuangcheng led the county's Emergency Management Agency and other related units to shenyuan New materials integration Industrial zone to check shenyuan's dangerous chemical safety production work and the standardization of construction. Chen Xi, GM of Shenyuan Industrial Park Management Company and relevant department heads accompanied the reception. In the process, county magistrate Gao and others went to Shenyuan I phase of new materials factory to check the production operation. They focused on the I phase of Shenyuan Company major hazard sources, comprehensive emergency response center and other areas, to understand the specific implementation of the enterprise's work safety. They got to know the safety management of "two key points and one major" in the zone, checked the operation parameters of major hazard sources, and listened to Chen Xi's report on the development and construction of the zone and chemical safety production. The research group fully affirmed and appreciated the planning layout and safe production of Shenyuan New material integration Industrial Park. Gao Shuangcheng asked Shenyuan Company to put production safety in the first place, to strengthen the supervision of major hazard sources, constantly improve the emergency support mechanism, increase the frequency of emergency drills, and effectively improve the scientific, professional and refined level of emergency management. At the same time, we urge enterprises to strengthen supervision of the whole chain of production, storage, use and transportation of hazardous chemicals, and ensure that measures for fire prevention, explosion prevention and leakage prevention are in place. It is necessary to further strengthen the integrated development of safety production in chemical zone and improve the mechanism of safety risk control and hidden trouble investigation and management. We will work hard to check and rectify hidden dangers, ensure the controllability of the situation, firmly shoulder and grasp the responsibility of safety risk prevention, and ensure that all safety management systems are put in place. At the scene of the youth apartment project, County magistrate Gao pointed out that, as an important life supporting project of the zone, the completion of the youth apartment is of great significance to build a talent highland, enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of employees, and can effectively drive the economic development of the surrounding towns. Gao stressed that all departments should focus on the long-term, scientific planning, joint deployment, targeted policies, and promote the construction of youth apartments with high standards and high quality. Chen xi said that shenyuan Industrial zone thoroughly implemented president Xi's important instructions on work safety. They will adhere to the "safety first" as the development orientation, overall consideration of safety and production, practical thoughts and actions to implement the construction of safe production. Establish and improve the production safety responsibility system, strengthen the supervision and management of production safety of enterprises in the zone, strengthen the control of the source of production safety, promote development with safety.  They will further refine the schedule of the construction of the youth apartment project, ensure the implementation of the project while ensuring the safety of the construction, make concerted efforts to speed up the construction pace, ensure the successful completion of the project according to the set time point, and help Lianjiang County to write a new chapter of high-quality development on the new journey. 
HSCC Group Intelligent Manufacturing Green Textile Industrial Zone Began Operation
HSCC Group Intelligent Manufacturing Green Textile Industrial Zone Began Operation
Take on the new mission and write a new chapter. It has 11 weaving and dyeing enterprises with a total investment of 5 billion yuan and an annual output value of 7 billion yuan, covering an area of 827.53 mu. HSCC Group intelligent manufacturing Green Textile Industrial zone has been started. At 9:56 am on September 14, 2021, in a lively sound of firecrackers, the pile foundation platform of DongHeSheng Industrial Intelligent high-grade textile fabric production project site located in Lianjiang Kemen Green Textile Industrial zone laid a solid first hammer. This hammer marks the beginning of the construction of green textile Industrial zone. Lianjiang Intelligent manufacturing Green Textile Industrial Zone is an important part of the downstream extension application plate of Shenyuan New material integration industrial cluster, and one of the key projects of HSCC Group to attract business. This project is led by HSCC Group, through the use of Shenyuan new material integration industrial zone existing project advantages of one million tons of polyamide integration to attract a number of industry leading enterprises, high-end brands. Green textile industrial zone, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan and an area of 827.53 mu, is located in the east of Shenyuan New Material Integration Industrial zone, which is worthy of the name "garden within garden". HSCC Group innovates the management mode of "Zone management Committee + company" and sets up "Fujian Shenyuan industrial zone management Co., LTD" with Lianjiang County government as a joint venture to connect the planned projects of green Textile Industrial Zone with market-oriented and professional operation mode and specialized services. Make full use of Kemen zone and Shenyuan New Material’s water, electricity, gas, bay sewage and other basic supporting facilities, unified water, power and heat supply, to achieve comprehensive utilization of resources. To centralized treatment of pollution and achieve truly green and clean. The main line of the zone is "intensive agglomeration, quality and efficiency improvement, green and low-carbon, and spatial optimization". By adopting the world's leading production technology and intelligent management, the zone will be built with "advanced technology, orderly concentration of industries, sharing of public facilities, efficient utilization of resources, beautiful and clean environment and achieve ecological cycle". Strive to become the high-end weaving and dyeing base in Fuzhou and even surrounding areas, and become an influential green textile industrial zone at home and abroad.
Leaders of Fujian Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Visited HSCC Group
Leaders of Fujian Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Visited HSCC Group
To further deepen bank-enterprise cooperation and promote the construction of real economy, Zhou Cansen, deputy governor of Fujian Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Governor of Fuzhou Branch, led the leaders of Fuzhou Branch and Changle Sub-branch to visit HSCC Group to investigate the project construction of Shenyuan New Materials Company on September 10. Chen Jianlong, Chairman of HSCC Group and CEO Chen Zhong and other group senior leaders accompanied. Zhou Cansen and others made a deep investigation of Shenyuan New Material Integration Industrial zone, and inspected the production and operation of the first-phase factory and the construction of the polyamide integration project with an annual output of 400,000 tons in the second-phase. They exchanged the overall situation, competitive advantage, development plan and recent key project construction work of HSCC Group. At the Central control Building of Shenyuan New Materials, Chen Jianlong thanked ICBC for its long-term support. He said HSCC group will carry out vertical integration of industrial chain and cross-field horizontal development with the "dual main business" mode. We will continue to accelerate the construction of projects within the integrated zone and focus on fine chemical projects to strengthen and upgrade the industrial value chain. Zhou Cansen praised the achievements of HSCC Group and thought that the group had obvious competitive advantages. He hoped that we could strengthen cooperation between banks and enterprises, promote high-quality development and speed up fujian's construction in the new era. HSCC Group is looking forward to cooperating with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to innovate the bank-enterprise cooperation mode. To carry out more in-depth financial cooperation centering on the development and construction of Shenyuan New Materials Integration zone. We hope to give full play to collaborative efforts to develop leading industries, high-end manufacturing and strategic emerging industries in Fujian province. To build a group of 100-billion-level industrial chains and industrial clusters, become an important manufacturing base in China and an advanced factory in the world, contributing to the construction of a powerful textile country.
The HSCC Group Held the 2021 Forum on the principles for Strategic of "New State"
The HSCC Group Held the 2021 Forum on the principles for Strategic of "New State"
August 26, HSCC Group Held the 2021 Forum on the principles for Strategic of "New State" in Wuyi mountain. Chen Jianlong, chairman of the group, Chen Zhong, CEO of the group, senior executives and main business backbone of the group attended the meeting to deeply analyze the current situation of the group. They jointly studied the group's future development strategy and direction, and composed the group's "new vision" of high-quality sustainable development. The meeting reviewed and summarized the group's operation in the first half of the year, and further clarified the group's phased development goals and long-term development plans. Point out the direction for each sub-section of the Group to implement goals and complete measures. At the meeting, the directors of each section reported the results of the group's "dual main business" layout. The current market situation and industry competition situation of raw materials and the development plan of high-end electronic chemical industrial park are deeply analyzed and discussed. CEO Chen Zhong summarized and reported the work of each business department, and pointed out ideas for future development. He stressed that the group will continue to adhere to the "14th Five-year" development plan, based on the three development directions of "circular economy", "technological breakthrough" and "green development", and continue to promote the layout of "dual main business". We should focus on the upgrading and innovation of science and technology, attach importance to the construction of human resources system, and build a new pattern of high-quality and sustainable development of the group. At the end of the meeting, Chen jianlong,the chairman pointed out that the development of the group was inseparable from the strategic guidance that deeply fit its own and the firm practice of the strategic goals of all sections. In the future, the group will adhere to the brand commitment of "With excellent quality and new technology, to create bright future together". To build a world-class century-old enterprise together!







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